Expanding on Lakoff and Johnson's theory of underlying metaphors in the English language, and S.I Hayakawa's elegant explanation of Alfred Korzybski's General Semantics, I've taken all language to be abstract representations of physical motion and placement. This allows for a system or lens by which students can analyze authorial style without resorting to summary. 

The symbols physically representing the concepts discussed were a collaboration between the CMHS AP Language students from the graduating class of 2013 and myself. The symbols were used as shorthand during annotation. The class of 2014 took the initial theory, which had ten motions, and whittled them down to eight. The word lists paired with each of the eight movements were a collaboration between the CMHS AP Langauge classes of 2013 and 2014. The students' willingness to work with an untested method of analysis and their beautiful whimsy in applying it made the gambit seem like wisdom. 

No earphones or audio? No problem. Review the prezi

The verbs and adjectives placed next to each motion is range of possibilities and not a complete list.