Anchor Lessons 

If Rhetoric teaches you how to fight, then the study of literature teaches you what to fight for. The lens by which we will explore this discipline is an amalgam of existentialism, formalism, and reader-response theory. Through this lens we will analyze human nature, human relationships, cultural structures, and the abstract concepts that influence human behavior.

This site's approach to literature is traditional in the sense that we assume that: 

  • the concept of mimesis is sacrosanct,
  • organic unity is an aesthetic and logical ideal,
  • and language is the primary means to engage the reader in a collaborative construction of meaning. 

Note that the anchor lessons above are targeting a wide range of students in very different courses. Most anchor lessons will only be completely comprehensible (and accurate)  in light of the classroom activity which accompanied it. Some definitions are tailored to the audience and the projects encountered in the course.