Anchor Lessons 

It is an exciting time to be a journalist. It is evolving as the old bastions of authority are overcome by a deluge of citizen/advocacy journalism, the post-modern ideal of diverse versions of reality, and technology increasing the speed at which content can be created and consumed. 

To function in light of this time of flux, we must believe that: 

  • true objectivity cannot be reached, but should be held as an ideal; 
  • journalistic narratives are designed to coax interpretation from the audience, thereby empowering them; 
  • a balance must be struck between what the audience wants and what they need; 
  • and priority of coverage goes to aid those with the least amount of power in a particular situation. 

Though we study the "traditional style" of journalism, each class ultimately decides the character  and level of modernity of the publication (finances allowing). Your First Amendment Rights shall be exercised and tested.

The resources presented here can be found on the Journalism Haiku site, embedded with the assignments and lectures of the unit. The resources here (thus far) are not as up to date as the resources on the Haiku page.